Learn how to fight to protect yourself and your loved ones with the iconic Joe Weider

Destructive Self-Defense Course is not just a powerful guide to self-defense; it is a journey through the rich history of fitness. This reissue aims to celebrate the legacy of Joe Weider while promoting the enduring significance of understanding and preserving our fitness heritage.

This meticulous restoration project involved over 800 hours of dedicated work to ensure the timeless essence of Destructive Self-Defense Course. The reissue showcases a commitment to quality, presenting a true collector’s item for enthusiasts and a valuable resource for those passionate about self-defense and fitness history.

Originally crafted in the golden era of fitness, meticulously reissued for a new generation.”

Learn How To Fight


Immerse yourself in the expertise of the iconic Joe Weider with this exclusive reissue of his self-defense masterpiece. Originally published over 60 years ago, this rare book offers enthusiasts a unique glimpse into the profound wisdom of a pioneer in physical fitness and personal protection. Joe Weider’s teachings stand the test of time. Within the pages of this carefully restored guide, martial arts principles, practical techniques, and strategic acumen come together to create a method of self-defense that resonates across generations. This edition also serves as a visual delight – an homage to an era where self-mastery was elevated to an art form. It is crucial to mention that the content includes intense and explicit lessons, reserved for a mature and discerning audience.

Joe Weider


Born in 1919 in Montreal, Canada, Joe Weider became the pioneer of bodybuilding, founding the IFBB (International Federation of Bodybuilding & Fitness) and creating the prestigious Mr. Olympia competition. He pioneered the professionalization of the sport, providing a platform for legendary figures such as Arnold Schwarzenegger to rise to prominence. Beyond his contributions to bodybuilding, Joe Weider was a forerunner in the field of health and wellness publishing, helping millions with his fitness advice and nutritional insights. His commitment to empowering individuals to lead healthier lives earned him the title of ‘The Father of Bodybuilding’.

BIGGER – The Joe Weider Story

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*The content of this book includes intense and explicit Self-Defense lessons. This course is designed to learn you how to fight to protect yourself and your loved ones only.

Reserved for a mature and discerning audience.